Filthy Money Book Club Discussion Guide







1.      Gabby and Trish face  a number of challenges resulting from attitudes toward LGBT people in the 1950s. Do you believe the situation has changed since then? If so, how? If not, give examples.






2.      During a conversation about whether people do bad things when they are being observed rather than when they are not, Trish and Gabby explore some serious moral issues. Where do you fall on that spectrum?






3.      Should Trish and Gabby have reported their suspicions about the source of Mr. C’s money to the police? Why or why not?






4.      Explore the variety of multicultural issues that arise during Trish and Gabby’s adventure. How significant are they in their relationship?






5.      What posed the most serious risks to their relationship?






6.      What are the greatest dangers that develop from Trish and Gabby lying to so many people?






7.      How important is the sub plot about Trish’s reuniting with her sister to your understanding of Trish’s personality? Did it change your impression of Trish?






8.      Did you figure out the ending before you read the next to last chapter? If so, how? If not, did you go back to see what clues you might have missed?






9.      Were you happy to know how things changed for Trish and Gabby after they moved to Stroudsburg? (author’s note: I debated whether or not to include this chapter and included it when a group of beta readers voted overwhelmingly for me to leave it in.)