An ordinary, extraordinary relationship. . .

   Where does a young girl turn to survive family turmoil? Reaching into a past she never knew, young Ellen Brodsky establishes a transformational relationship

with Grandma Hannah. But who is this dead grandmother, and why is their connection so crucial to the survival of three generations of women?




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 Sensitive, poignant examination of the transcendent relationships across the multi-generational bridge of motherhood. . . replete with valuable insights into the powerful and mysterious bonds of maternal relationships. Must-read for those who value the integrity of the family.

   Mike Leach, author of Lords of Circumstance


Excellent read ... starts as a new twist on the fairy godmother fable, but surprises the reader midstream by becoming an affecting exploration of family conflicts.

   Nora Percival, author of Weather of the Heart


Characters are so real I expected to find them sitting in my living room each time I put the book down. A touching, thought-provoking story of family conflict and the power of inter-generational love.

   Marcia Cham, author of You Mean I Have to Look at the Body?


Vivid scene-setting provided the perfect stage for this heart-warming story of a girl and her grandmother...easy style that brings her characters to life, showing their frailties and strengths as they cope with the challenges of everyday life. . .the ending knocked my socks off and left me hoping for a sequel.

   Maggie Bishop, author of The Appalachian Adventure Mystery series


Characters and setting come to life in this story of the power of love across the generations. We may hope her imaginative portrayal contains the truth of life beyond what we know.

   Judith Geary, author of Getorix: Games of the Underworld


YA Librarians Take Notice! Having worked with adolescents the majority of my career, I am impressed by how well the author captures the unique mix of discovery, bravado, vulnerability and angst common to the age. there is an unfortunate dearth of YA fiction with Jewish themes/characters in our school collections, and this book would be a good addition. Recommended!

   Kathy Reynolds, school librarian, Ohio








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