Family of Choice by Lissa Brown


                   Book Club Discussion Guide


       1. Imagine how you'd go about choosing people to include in your   family.     What traits would you look for?



       2. Rory was advised that holding on to anger can ruin one's life. Agree or  Disagree.



       3. Explain Rory's reluctance to adopt Nimo's children.



       4. Many people have difficulty forgiving those who have harmed them. Do you?



       5. Research shows that the effects of childhood bullying influence a person's adult life. How is that demonstrated in Family of Choice?



       6.  Did you find the story encouraging? Discouraging? Why?




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 many kids who are bullied are dragged down by it. Why was Rory able to survive and thrive despite being bullied?

What a?

en seem to be more vociferous in their anti-gay feelings than women. Why do you suppose that seems to  of his behavior, how does Darrell’s situation illustrate the effects of bullying on the bully?

onside Ruth’s struggle to attain complete acceptance of her son’s sexual orientation. What stages did she pass through on her journey?

What accounted for Grady and Lily’s ability to go against their preacher and others to embrace Rory and Darrell?

What could explain why attitudes toward gay people vary from one part of our country to another?

Why were Darrell’s efforts to change his son unsuccessful? Were there other things he might have tried?

Did you find this story encouraging? Discouraging? Why?